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"Back Out On That Lonely Road Again" 

In August of 2013 we headed back to Reel Love to record our follow-up to our debut record. This time, we were just tracking two songs, "Ladies" and "Indie Movie Scenes," and we wanted to continue to capture all the fun that happened in between takes. Here's the result!

And of course, don't forget about this wonderful outtake:

2/2/2013 - Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, OH 

Our entire set for the 2013 Dayton Does Dayton music festival. We did a few local  favorites from the Story Changes, Shrug and the late, great Flyaway Minion on top of a few of our own. The always-wonderful Niki Dakota throws us an assist on the intro.

"Queen of the Midwest"

"Don't Fall"

"Into the Sun"