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6/27/2015 - Gilly's Jazz in Dayton Ohio 

These videos feature material from the Hilltops & Highways release show at Gilly's. For the release of the collaborative EP, we teamed up with the Repeating Arms and performed every song from the record in sequential order. Watch below for some select songs from the night!

"County Jail Hymnal"

"My Heart Still Loves You"


"Radio Waves"

"Some Nights"

You can also check out the 30-second clip we put together to preview the record right here!

3/14/2015 - The Elks in Xenia, OH 

In early 2015, we put together this party of a show at the Elks in Xenia to help fund our second record. The response was overwhelming and a LOT of fun. This was the first time we ever played through the entire first album track-by-track with Matt on drums. Check out "Indie Movie Scenes" from the show below.